Friday, July 31, 2015

Anna - Part 2 {senior photography}

Remember like 100 years ago when I shared Part 1 of Anna's senior pictures and promised that Part 2 was coming soon? Mhmm..........not so soon. I guess the downside to your sister being your photographer is that she puts other photo shoots above your own! :D 

But here they are. Enjoy. I love you, Anna, it was a blast to photograph you, and you have become such a gorgeous woman with a heart for God. ♥

Click here to see Part 1.

Also, THANK YOU to Jocelyn of Josce Photography for coming out and shooting with us!! Click here to see her images of Anna. She is absolutely amazing, and has taught me so much of what I know about photography. 
And, thank you to my fiance, David, for shooting with me. Some of the pictures below are his :) ♥

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Emily {senior photography - Verrado}

What an amazing experience it was to photograph this gorgeous girl! I have known her and her family for, oh, probably close to 10 years now, and taking her senior pictures makes me feel so old! She is an amazing young woman with a constant smile, love for life, passion for God, and so easy to be with and have fun with. 

Emily, I can't wait to see where God takes you in life, and I am so thankful for your friendship! *hugs*



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kelby {portrait photography}

For those of you who saw my last blog post of the pictures from Gabriel & Bethany's wedding (, this girl right here shot quite a few of those! 

Kelby flew in from Oregon to help me shoot their wedding. She came in the day before, and we got a few minutes to take some shots of her! I am so thankful for her friendship and all her amazing help over the weekend of the wedding!