What To Wear {dress guidelines}

One of the biggest questions when you are on your way to a photoshoot (especially for us girls!) is: What do I wear? However, for me, this is an even bigger question than just a matter of to-match-or-not-to-match.

As a Christian, my goal for all of my work is to bring glory to God. More specifically, that means that I will not photograph immodesty. God's design for women is purity and modesty - not immodesty or sexy. He has designed women to be beautiful, though! Modest clothing does NOT mean frumpy or ugly.

Dress flatteringly and beautifully.....but not provocatively or seductively.

I hate to get this particular, but I have to....merely for the reason that if someone shows up to a photoshoot dressed inappropriately, I will not photograph them. So, my standards are....

1. Must be at least mid-thigh length
2. Sleeves have to be three fingers wide
3. No cleavage

1. No midriff exposed
2. Sleeves have to be three fingers wide
3. No cleavage

1. Length - if you put your arms straight at your sides, they have to be at least as long as your fingertips

1. Not skin tight!

Okay! On to the rest of this topic :)

For a family shoot, I prefer clothes that aren't matchy-matchy! (Definition - everyone wearing exactly the same pattern and/or color). When everyone wears the same thing, people tend to all blend into each other in one big same-color lump. Instead, when everyone's outfits are complementary but slightly different, each family member stands out just a little bit more.
Choose more of a theme or a main color, and then branch out from there. And feel free to uses hats, scarves, props, or anything else to personalize your session!
For a very comprehensive outline that will help you dress for your shoot, visit this link to Annie's blog at http://paintthemoon.net/blog/2013/03/wear-clothing-tips-children-family-photo-sessions-paint-moon-photoshop-actions/

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