Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gabriel & Bethany {Casa Grande Wedding}

Where do I even start to describe this amazingly special day? It was beautiful, crazy, fun, romantic, and most of all, a shining witness to the hand of God in the lives of these two people and their families.

The wedding was held at the cutest little farm way out in the middle of nowhere. You drive through the barren desert, but when you pull up to this place, it's like a little oasis of grass and trees and flowers! So cute!

The girls got ready in their adorable little house.

While the guys got ready in the bunkhouse that was out back.

While the bride and bridesmaids finished getting ready, we took the groomsmen pictures. Wow. What a hilarious, epic, incredible group of guys!

Cutest. Ring bearer. Ever.

Their first kiss ♥

These girls were such troopers! It was hot, and they stood in the sun and smiled and laughed like nothing was wrong! And that picture ^^ was taken in the smallest little area. See the picture below? We had a person on each side holding the bushes back so I could get a full group shot!

And then, my favorite part of the day. Just the photographers, and the bride and groom.

Bethany, girl, you are gorgeous!

Back to the reception, toasts, and dancing!

There was lots of laughter........

........and quite a few tears, too.

Gabriel danced not only with his mom, but with each of his sisters, as well.

When the time for the father/daughter dance came, Bethany and her dad surprised everyone!!

I think he enjoyed it ;)


We got a few more minutes to take pictures in the beautiful afternoon light, and I'm so glad we did.

And they're off!

Gabriel & Bethany, I am praying for God's blessing on your entire married life. Love you both so much, and thank you, thank you for allowing me to photograph your day!


  1. Oh that was so beautiful, all of the photos, and the day looks as though it was wonderful if a bit hot.

  2. These are fantastic, Lisa!! They are such a handsome couple... :)

  3. Fantastic job. These are awesome. Love! It was a great wedding for sure.

  4. You're amazing, Lisa! You did such an incredible job!!! That was such a sweet wedding. :-)

  5. *sniffles* Sheesh, I'm such a sap... Been waiting to see these gorgeous photos of this beautiful day, and you totally do not disappoint, Lisa!!!! Goodness, these make me all that more certain I will be shipping you out to Australia to take my wedding photos someday!!!!!

    These are truly, purely beautiful. What a special, special, blessed day. *goes back to her sniffling*

  6. Best wedding pictures ever- you have quite a talent! Absolutely wonderful capture of their special day!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done, my friend!! These turned out sooo beautiful! You and Kelby did an awesome job!

  8. They are so adorable! Good job catching their joy!!!!

  9. Thank you again, Lisa, for doing such a stellar job capturing not only events but emotions. My wife and I are so happy with these pictures! Thank you!

  10. Thank you so, so much everyone!! It was an amazing day, and I was so blessed to have a part in it!!

  11. Lovely photos of a wonderful day of a couple that will be serving the Lord for their entire lives.

  12. Beautiful Lisa! I so love the pictures! All of them! Thank you so much!!! :D

    ~ Bethany

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