Monday, December 24, 2012

My first Christmas present!!!

Without fully knowing why, we took a slight detour off the beaten path and each opened a present last night on Christmas Eve Eve.

The rest of my family got really neat mountain bike, new bling purse, super bright flashlight, coffee mug with family picture on it......but mine was the best!!! (in my opinion)

My wonderful parents bought me the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens!!!!!!!!!!! (for those of you non-photographers this isn't going to mean anything...just think of the thing you would want the very most)

I am so crazy excited to start shooting with it!!! Look forward to lots of beautiful pictures with deliciously shallow depth of field and yummy bokeh!!


  1. I am drooling and very excited for you!!!!! Can't wait to see what this lens will produce :-) Please post and label so this beginning photographer can learn a few things.
    Mrs. G

  2. Hey Lisa it's Rudy Gonzalez. Love your work. I just picked up the same lens! I'm looking to start doing video work for brother Larry Foe and other projects for the church. WIll definitely have to get some tips from you about photography and random general info. I will be shooting with a Canon Rebel t4i. I also picked up a sweet wide angle lens called the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. l. Looking forward to having fun. The Lord bless you!

    Brother Rudy

    1. Hi Mr Gonzalez!!! That's so neat!! I am absolutely loving this lens!! I have a Canon Rebel t2i, and the t4i sounds super cool. That wide angle lens must be fun...something like that is next on my list.... :) God bless!