Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hilarious shoot with the F Family {sneak peek}

How can you help but have an awesome shoot when these are some of the shots you walk away with?

This family is downright hilarious. I have laughed out loud looking at some of these. More smiles to come!

This was one of those where I laughed out loud....

Monday, December 24, 2012

My first Christmas present!!!

Without fully knowing why, we took a slight detour off the beaten path and each opened a present last night on Christmas Eve Eve.

The rest of my family got really neat mountain bike, new bling purse, super bright flashlight, coffee mug with family picture on it......but mine was the best!!! (in my opinion)

My wonderful parents bought me the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens!!!!!!!!!!! (for those of you non-photographers this isn't going to mean anything...just think of the thing you would want the very most)

I am so crazy excited to start shooting with it!!! Look forward to lots of beautiful pictures with deliciously shallow depth of field and yummy bokeh!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

R Family Photos 2012

Yes, I got a little behind on blogging!

We have known this family for about 10 years...they live in our neighborhood, help us train horses, help us with injured horses...pregnant name it. They are so helpful and willing to share their knowledge and skills at any time of day - or night :) We have been known to call them in the middle of the night with a ripped up horse and they are there in minutes to help.

We did their shoot right in our front yard....enjoy!

They brought along their nephew and his adorable little girl...

I think it should become mandatory that a family should always bring a little one along to a shoot. They lighten the mood and make for fun all around!

Y Family!

I used Verrado again for the shoot of our pastor's family. It is a really pretty area and it has so many parks that you can shoot out there again and again and always come up with something new!

This family is so special....they are fun loving, hilarious, down to earth, smart and extremely theologically sharp. I loved getting to hang out with them and love how their pictures turned out!!

Mom wanted to do a picture of the parents with each child individually...which I thought was a super neat idea. These kiddos will love having these pictures later on in life!!

Who doesn't love the outtakes???? :D